Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know what the best decoration option is?
That depends on many different things; such as your budget, the amount of colours in your logo, and the type of product you are decorating on. After seeing your artwork, we can advise you as to the best option available.
What type of products can I get from Westport?
Anything that can have a logo put on it. This includes anything from clothing, to drinkware, to stationary, to corporate gifts. There are literally thousands of options available. If you know roughly what you are looking for, we can source all the best options for you. If you need inspiration, we have a large selection of catalogues available for you to browse through.
How does the ordering process work?
Once we have decided with you on the item(s) you want to put your logo on, we write up a quotation for you. If you want to proceed with the quotation, we need you to supply us with your artwork. We can work with you on your artwork if it is not in the right format, or needs to be altered for the job. In some cases, we can even help create your artwork from scratch if you have never done this sort of thing before. We then provide you with an artwork mock-up for your approval. Once approved, the order goes into production and you can normally expect the goods to be delivered in around 2-3 weeks (if produced locally). For larger quantities, we offer the option of offshore production which will increase delivery time to 6-8 weeks (air freight) or 10-12 weeks (sea freight) but will reduce costs. 

Is there are minimum quantity that I have to order?
There isn’t an official minimum quantity but it depends on the item. For example, the minimum quantity for pens is about 100 but the minimum quantity for T-shirts is around 5. Due to the costs involved in setting up printing equipment, orders with very small quantities are usually not desired, as they can be quite expensive. The higher  the quantity, the less your unit price will be.